After huffing paint for too many years, Gus Gerring's life is thrown into turmoil when a Hawaiian-shirt clad entity he dubs "Satan" appears and imbues him with the power to see "evil" in other people, along with the choice to do something about it. But will knowing the evil deeds of his loved ones prove too much to take, even for Gus's chemical-ravaged mind? Especially when it comes to learning what his mother and her boyfriend had to do with his father's suicide, why his Uncle Ham is killing hookers down in Texas, or why the cops are beating a path to his door to get next week's lotto numbers. To Gus, it all seems like one horrible, huffing-induced nightmare. But is it?

Publisher: Graveside Books


Early Praise for "Huffer"

“If Dante met William S. Burroughs in an opium den, the result would be Huffer. A twisted, mind-blowing read!”

—Michael West, Author of The Wide Game & Skull Full of Kisses

“Michael Hultquist is the best writer you’ve never heard of…yet. His novel HUFFER may soon change that. A contemporary coming-of-age tale from hell, his unique characters and storyline flow like an enjoyable river ride you realize too late ends at a waterfall. Then all you can do is hold on and keep turning pages. Writing must come easy to Hultquist because he’s damn good at it. Damn good.”

—Gregory L Hall- author of ‘At the End of Church Street’ and host of the Funky Werepig

“Michael Hultquist has delivered a kick-ass story, filled with dark humor and characters that are at once engaging, tragic, and funny. Simply put, I loved—no, inhaled—every page. I can’t recall a time when the devil looked so damn good.”

—Rio Youers, author of End Times and Old Man Scratch.


"Michael J. Hultquist's novel, HUFFER, simply blew me away. When "Satan" appears to Gus Gerring as a tourist wearing a Hawaiian shirt, it might have very well been a hallucination brought about by Gus's favorite past-time, huffing paint. His girlfriend thinks so too. When he starts seeing the darkness inside of other people, a so-called "gift" from his Satan, he starts to question. Who wants to see "what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Not I, and not Gus either, because as his Satan's gift makes it's presence known in his friends and family, his mind starts spinning –and not from the paint fumes either. I liked the novel, but it took me a while to get in to the story due to my own personal opinion of huffing paint. Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome one's own biases, but for this novel, it's worth it. Told in present tense from Gus's perspective, HUFFER gave me the chills as though the man was telling me his story, standing in front of me. Gus feels like an unlikely hero from the start, but Michael Hultquist does an excellent job of providing a natural storytelling voice."

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